Tuesday, November 30, 2010

In this world of technology, are we failing to teach our children necessary life skills?

I recently read an article published in the AP by Beth Harpaz entitled "Are we raising a bunch of idiots? Many parents believe that this generation of kids are a generation of idiots or nincompoops. I strongly disagree and here is why:

This is a unique world our children are growing up in. Very different from the experiences most of us as parents grew up with. It is important to remember the skills they are learning will benefit them in ways they need to survive. Technology is here to stay and I believe as a parent you need to embrace it and praise your kids for how quickly they have mastered computer skills, texting, graphic arts, etc. (With all the computer games our kids play, eye/hand coordination must be at an all time high!)

Think about it... generations before us had none of the modern conveniences we grew up with. Pioneers had to make everything by hand to survive. They had to farm to eat, sew their own clothing, build a fire to get warm, haul water to wash dishes or bathe. What would our ancestors think of us? Our generation would also be considered lazy and ignorant. After all, how many of us know how to milk a cow? We all have to adapt our skills to meet the needs of the world we live.

Having said that, there are skills kids need that may be pass them by. It is important to remember that as a parent, you are ultimately responsible for the education of your child, whether it be in school, life skills or social skills. When it comes to our schools, our school systems are not perfect. But, if you get involved and stay positive your child will excel.

Specific Skills Your Kids May Need Help With:

With the use of GPS systems your kids may need to learn Driving or Directions

Solve it: While your child is getting driving hours, take the time to get out a physical map of the city and or state. Go over it with your child, showing them points of interest: The capital building, ski resorts, E-Center, major cities, etc.

Because of Twitter/Texting your kids may need to learn how to talk to adults.

Solve it: Talk with them about current events that interest them. Invite interesting people to dinner and have conversation.

Because of Video Games your kids may need real life experience

Solve it: Plan fun activities that your child would enjoy away from the computer, preferably outside...skiing, bowling or swimming.

Because of doing so much homework on the computer your child may not know how to write

Solve it: Buy some cute cards and hand write thank you notes together.

Because of all the modern electronic conveniences, your kids may not survive if the power goes out.

Solve it: Take a day or a weekend and try roughing it. No TV, no cell phones, no microwave, no dishwasher. Make it fun and a teaching moment about how other generations lived.

So,when you kids don't know how to do something, teach them. None of us know it all. Have fun and teach your child the skills you feel are important. Learning can and should be exciting