Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Adjusting to Summer Parenting

Summer can be tough on Mom's as they head back to work while the kids are at home for summer vacation. This is tough. Moms express not only a lot of worry about what their kids do all day long, but a lot of guilt. As a mom you may be overwhelmed with guilt. It really does you no good to wallow in guilt. Use it to analyze your motives. It may cause you to initiate change that is best for you and your family.

For example: Are you working for extra money? Ask yourself "Do I really need this money? Is your time better spent with your kids?

Can you work less hours or job share for the summer? If you truly analyze your motives, change things up, then your guilt should ease.

If work is necessary to put food on the table or make house payments, then you can get rid of the worry by planning and be involved with your kid.

1. Activities to keep kids having fun and busy which also keep the parent involved even though they are at work:

Visits to the library for interesting books (summer book club within the family) Combination Activities that include TV and Outdoor: Watching the Tour De France and Biking; Watching Wimbledon and Playing Tennis Find a swimming pool membership where there is supervision and a lifeguard Computer classes you can work on together. Child goes to class and then teaches the parent after work

Guilt and Worry are not necessarily bad if they help you bring about change. Worry Wisely. Worrying can be a good thing. It helps you deal with problems before they become disasters. But make it productive worrying. Productive worrying catapults you into action and brings about positive results.

It is always important to express to your kids that you would rather be home with them than working. It will make you as a mom feel better too.

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