Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mean Girls

I was talking with my book distributor about parenting. He asked me this question, "Do you think it is easier to raise girls or boys?" Without thinking, I immediately answered, "Why boys, of course." He nodded his head in agreement. He has 3 girls. Now let me explain my response, especially to my daughter Stacie. Stacie, I loved raising you. I needed you in that sea of testosterone we lived in. I will always be grateful to have you as my daughter. What I found difficult in raising the one daughter I had,was watching how mean girls are to each other. It breaks my heart to watch some of the dastardly things girls do and say about one another. Boys aren't perfect, but they seem to fight it out and then move on. Most times, they seem to accept the people in their lives for what they are and do not continue finding fault. So lets unite women. We should try to be nicer to our gender. Love them and accept them for who they are!

I must add a comment to Stacie's group of friends. You are loyal wonderful friends. I am glad she found you or you found her.

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