Thursday, September 17, 2009

Common mistakes parents make #1

As parents, we all make mistakes. The beauty of raising kids is the unconditional love our children have for us. If we continue to make mistakes and don't improve as parents our kids may give up on us and rebel when they are teenagers. To prevent that I came up with three of the most common and damaging mistakes we as parents make. Here is number 1:

1. Too Much Control Control is a major problem in today’s
families. Control creates battles between parent and child and
causes an immeasurable breakdown in family communication.
If we are to be successful in our families, we need to find a
compromise with control. Control is so commonplace we often do
not recognize when it is being used on us, nor are we able to stop
ourselves when we inflict control upon our children. A good
definition of control: When you take away someone’s rights or
freedoms, you are using control. Parental control takes away our
children’s choices. Not only does control take away trust in the
parent/child relationship, but children will seldom ask for your
advice or respond to your requests. When the behavior your child
is exhibiting is rebellion, there is too much control in your home.

1 comment:

  1. I really like what you wrote here Maggie. What about when a teenager is making bad decisions? do you contine giving freedom? I imagine that would be really hard to watch a kid make poor decisions without stepping in?