Friday, September 18, 2009

Second most common mistake

Most parents know this is a problem in their home, especially if they have teenagers. The second most common mistakes parents make is verbal abuse, which comes in the form of nagging or criticism. Too many parents are destroying their relationships with their children. Your children will not want to interact with you if they know that every conversation they have with you will be something they do not want to hear. As a parent, when you criticize your child, nag or speak negatively, you are making your child feel terrible about themselves. Bit by bit, when you demean your child in any way, shape or form, you are destroying self-esteem. In order to recover, they will find another way to feel good about themselves again. Negative behavior such as drug and alcohol abuse occur when a child feels bad about himself. When your child is confronted with critical decisions, it is the strength of your relationship that will make the difference in your child's ability to resolve them. Parents need to change this ugly practice and let love be the language that is spoken in their homes.

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